The Club

Our club’s main aim is to train children who love to run. We keep our athletes happy by building their skills step by step, from having fun at a young age, to more intense training as they grow.


Not all our athletes are naturally talented, so we focus heavily on getting everyone to reach their own maximum potential. We try to enter as many races as possible throughout the year so that our athletes can gain experience, have fun racing and become more familiar with Cyprus culture participating in events all over our island.


We also love our children and we feel they are like family. Bonding is another of our main focuses as a team and for this reason we regularly organize family and team building events. At the end of the day if all our children are happy and healthy, we are too.


We love running so we love clubs who do so too and we aim to have friendly relationships with other clubs as well.

The Committee


Christopher Boast

Vice President

Panikos Panteli


Marina Ioannou

Assistant Secretary

Andri Koumpari


Marios Nicolaides

Assistant Treasurer

Zoe Sokratous


Nikos Makkoutides & Panagiota Andreou

Join Us

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