Christopher Boast

  • Bachelor degree in sports science, specialises in Track and field training.
  • Bachelor degree in Nursing
  • Sport Massage therapy Diploma
Athletic Career

In general I was an active child. At around 12 years old I started training as a football player and at 15 years old I managed to make the national team. Although I was a football player I always loved to run and I always made the track and field team of my school. For my achievements I was awarded athlete of the years 4 years in a row. At 17 years of I decided to stop football due to injuries. I went to Greece for studies and I tried to get in a track and field club there so that I could take up running on a more professional level. The coaches were not willing to accept me at first as a former football player rather than a runner. After some tests they realized I had potential and I started training. In three months, I ran in the Cyprus nationals for my age group and came first in two events. From there on, I continued running for 9 years and was always in the top 3 in Cyprus in all events with distances from 800m-half marathon. For two years in a row, I was the best male athlete in my club. Nowadays, due to workload and the demands of coaching, I am not able to train to a good level in order to compete, however I am enjoying my involvement with the sport coaching the kids and arranging racing events.

Work Experience
  • Since 2007 working as an athletics coach mainly with children from 8-16 years old.
  • Since 2007 carrying out assessments of athletic ability to children with specialized tests
  • 1 year working as a tennis fitness coach
  • 3 years working as football fitness coach
  • 8 years experience as a massage therapist
  • 3 seasons experience in summer schools