Lizards First Place Wins at 2020 Inter-School Regional Championships

On Thursday 5th & Friday 6th March, the Inter-School Regional Athletics Meeting took place at Lanitio Stadium for the Gymnasium/Intermediate Senior School students in the age category 2005-2006-2007. 

Many of our athletes participated in the event organised by the Ministry of Education, where they compete annually representing their schools. 

We achieved several top podium finishes, with the following great results from our athletes: 
Age Category 2005 – 2006 – 2007
Veronica Photiou 2005 – 1st – 600m Girls 
Antonis Diamantakis 2005 – 1st – 600m Boys
Nikita Koval 2005 – 1st – 80m Boys
Annabel Rhodes 2005 – 1st – 300m Girls
Nayia Papageorgiou 2007 – 1st – 1000m Girls
Marios Andreou 2006 – 1st – 1000m Boys
All top 3 positions in each event secured a place in the National Championships which will take place later this year in Nicosia. Huge congratulations to all our talented kids (and coaches) who once again showed that hard work and dedication brings great results!
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