Ipsonas is Running For You 2023 a Great Success

On Sunday 8th October, we held our annual ‘Ipsonas is Running For You 2023’ event at the beautiful location of Kouris Dam.

This year there was a huge turnout and great participation in all the races which includes 600m Kids race, 1500km, 5km and 10km.   

This year’s race was also in memory of Thekla Karantoni, one of our athletes who ran in last year’s race, but who sadly lost her battle against leukaimia last year, so many of her friends and family attended to honour her memory.

All the clear proceeds from the event were donated to the Limassol Childrens’ Shelter and the proceeds from the 1500m race will go to poor families in Ypsonas. We would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors who helped make the day such a great event.

Our list of winners is below – congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you for making our event such a success! See you all next year again.


600m Boys U7s     600m Girls U7s  
1 Yiannis Ioannou     1 Markella Charalambous  
2 Marinos Charalambous     2 Danae Fournari  
3 Michalis Michael     3 Christina Protopapa  
600m Boys U10s     600m Girls U10s  
1 Corey Milner     1 Anna Maria Stasi  
2 Alexander Mashin     2 Antonia Konstantinou  
3 Maximilan Economou     3 Lorina Lampraki  
600m U12s     600m Girls U12s  
1 Constantinos Agathangelou     1 Despina Lemonari  
2 Elenios Makris     2 Masha Zottova  
3 Charalambos Sorrai     3 Ayla Millner / Yoliana Chudakova  
1500m Boys Secondary/Gymnasium     1500m Girls Secondary/Gymnasium  
1 Ioannis Tooullas     1 Berna Skordi  
2 Christopher Neophytou     2 Christina Pierou Cooke  
3 Marinos Makri     3 Zoia Zadirova  
1500m Boys High School/Lyceum     1500m Girls High School/Lyceum  
1 Elijah Gould     1 Kyriaki Constantinou  
2 Alex Rhodes     2 Natasa Antoniou  
3 Kyriakos Antoniou     3 Chrystalla Nicolaou  
1500m Mens     1500m Womens  
1 Alexei Kourskin     1 Georgia Ttoulla  
2 Alexi Troumot     2 Katerina Kotsika  
3 Phedonas Makri     3 Antigoni Demetriou  


5km Mens   Time   5km Womens Time
1 Neophytos Lemonaris 00:16:35:98   1 Anastasia Papadovasilaki 00:20:32:01
2 Saray Esbaba 00:17:32:35   2 Emily Mikellidi 00:22:37:64
3 Grigoris Agathangelou 00:18:58:60   3 Antonia Kalatha 00:22:41:19
4 Panagiotis Kratimenos 00:19:48:94   4 Katerina Kantouna 00:24:00:23
5 Michalis Tanos 00:19:51:42   5 Korina Pantou 00:24:27:41
6 Pampos Vasiliou 00:20:12:21   6 Midia Hadjixenofontos 00:25:14:35
10km Mens Time   10km Womens Time
1 Roman Karakulov 00:35:09:78   1 Alicia Finnis 00:42:04:79
2 Konstantinos Mikellides 00:37:25:99   2 Maiia Berenshtein 00:44:38:45
3 Nikos Trimintis 00:37:31:44   3 Anastasia triminti 00:45:04:88
4 Neoklis Ioannou 00:37:48:44   4 Stella Hadjipanagi Drvaric 00:50:56:36
5 Aristotelis Ioannou 00:38:11:44   5 Anastasia Panchenko 00:51:24:60
6 Denis Devochkin 00:39:25:91   6 Andriana Koumpari 00:52:33:44

To see the full photos from the event please visit the Ipsonas Municipality album from the event on Facebook.












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