InterSchools Cross Country Competition 2018

On 21st November 2018, some of our Lizards attended the Inter Schools Cross Country competition, held at Happy Valley in Episkopi, where several schools competed against each other in a series of running events.

Around 500 children participated in the event from various schools including St John’s, Silverline and Foley’s running a distance of 2.6km.

The Lizards had some great results including:

Year 7 – Boys:
1st Place – Karim Sabri
2nd Place – Alex Rhodes

Year 5 – Girls:
1st Place – Annie Brampton
3rd Place – Keira Leirer

Year 6 – Girls:
1st Place – Georgie Branton

Year 7 – Girls:
1st Place – Nayia Papageorgiou

Year 8 – Girls:
1st Place – Annabel Rhodes

Year 9 – Girls:
1st Place – Alicia Finnis
2nd Place – Cara Branton
3rd Place – Esme Finnis

Congratulations to everyone who participated and to the organisers for a great event!







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