More great wins for Lizards at the U16s National Finals 2022

On the weekend of 2-3 July 2022, the Under 16s National Finals were held at Tsirio Stadium in Limassol.

Despite the very warm weather conditions, many of our athletes did very well, competing in more than one event and getting new personal bests and podium wins in several categories.

Congratulations to all on the end of a very successful season for the team and of course huge thanks to our coaches for their support and hard work getting everyone prepared to compete.

Some of our great results include:


Lina Loizidou  1st 1000m – 2009
                           1st 600m – 2009
Nayia Papageorgiou  1st 1000m – 2007
                                       2nd 600m – 2007
Pam Schaapman  2nd 300m 2008
                                 2nd 600m 2008
Alex Rhodes  2nd 1000m 2007
                        4th 600m 2007
Lenny Niemann  3rd 300m 2007
Marianna Andreou  3rd 80m 2008
                                     3rd 150m 2008
Vasilis Loizides  4th 300m 2008
                              3rd 150m 2008
Irene Panagiotou  5th 300m 2008

Enjoy some great pics from the day here below. Congratulations to everyone who participated! See you next season.



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