Great Performance By Lizards Under 12s

On 22nd February 2020, at Tritoftideio Stadium the Regional Athletics Competition took place for the Under 12s. Events included hurdles, 65m sprints, 600m and 1000m endurance races, high jump, long jump and vortex. 

We had a great number of participants from the Lizards with a fantastic 26 of our athletes competing and we had some brilliant results too. Below is a list of all the children who participated and their achievements:

Karolina Panteli 75m 2010
Ioannis Tooulas 600m 2010 1st
Chrysa Tooula 600m 2011 1st
Pam Schaapman 75m 2008 5th
Antonis Stylianides 75m 2011 1st
Sienna Steele 600m 2010 1st
Achilleas Agrotis 600m 2010 2nd 
Katerina Karagianni 600m 2010 2nd
Michalis Kouloumis 75m 2008 2nd
Georgios Christofi Long Jump 2010 2nd
Demetra Charalambous 2008 2nd 75m
Lina Loizidi 600m 2009 1st
Yousef Aldiqs 75m 2010 
Fineas Stamatoudis 600m 2010 1st
Melina Efraimidou 75m 2009
Stefanos Ziakas 75m 2009
Alexis Asonitis 1000m 2008 3rd
Anch Kala Long Jump 2009
Iriana Pitharidou Long Jump 2010 
Adit Rastogi 2nd 65m Hurdles 
Gerasimos Ioannides 2010 75m
Hugo Smith 2008 3rd 75m
Marianna Andreou 1st 65m Hurdles 

Alice Inchetovkina 3rd 65m Hurdles
Zach Stamatoudis 2nd Vortex throw

Congratulations to all the children for their hard work and participation! Next event for the U12s will be the Pancyprian ESYAA games, which are taking place on 14th March at Lanitio Stadium. 


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