Limassol Lizards Awards Ceremony 2017-2018 Season

On Saturday 8th September 2018, Limassol Lizards held their first Awards ceremony at Ipsonas Town Hall, where all the athletes who had achieved top positions in their sports throughout the previous season were awarded with a special recognition trophy. The ceremony was hosted by professional speaker Penelope Magoulianiti and several sponsors as well as a representative of the Cyprus Sports Association (KOA) and also the Mayor of Ipsonas were there to present awards to our talented Lizards!

Penelope explained the ethos behind Limassol Lizards and the way the coaching is done in cooperation with parents, with a focus on helping young athletes to develop mental as well as physical strength and there was also a session on the balanced diet and supplements of an athlete from nutrionist Maria Pechlivani, as nutrition is also key to an athlete’s performance. There were also words of inspiration from major sponsor ShipCon as well as from retired athlete Christos Papapetrou who spoke of his experience racing in the final of the European Championships in 2002. 

A total of 15 children were presented with trophies, recognising their placements in positions 1-3 at the Cyprus National Finals as well as new records that were broken. Awards were presented by Pantelis Georgiou, the Mayor of Ipsonas, Representative of KOA and ex-champion runner Christos Papapetrou, as well as various sponsors including Stratos Georgoudis from ShipCon, Georgina Erotokritou from InterShip Navigation, Valentinos Evripidou from Pixel Actions and Julia Papageorgiou from JPP Marketing. Special mention was also made for the high achievers Alicia Finnis and Anna Makkoutide who received many top positions each as well as breaking records – Alicia broke the under 16s national record for 5km and Anna broke the 1000m national record. 

Overall, it was a celebration of the incredible success Limassol Lizards had last season, as we are embark on the new 2018-2019 season. The team would like to thank everyone who attended and the sponsors for their continued support. And of course all our wonderful coaches and athletes for their dedication!



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