3rd Ipsonas is Running For You – a fantastic success!

Today we held the 3rd Ipsonas is Running For You event, now a favourite in the local running calendar. This year, we moved to a new venue, running at the Kouris Dam with a beautiful picturesque background which all the runners enjoyed, in the sunny weather.

There was a huge turnout, with lots of registrations on the actual day also, and the day was a huge success, with participation of many children and adults, all raising money for a very worthy cause, for orphaned children. There was also lots of entertainment on site including a bouncing castle, ice cream and iced tea/coffee stands and a DJ playing music for everyone to enjoy.

A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in our event and as always a huge thank you to the organising team and all our volunteers, sponsors and supporters, without whom this very successful event would not be possible!

Our Lizards, (big and small!) had a fantastic day, with many podium finishes and great sportsmanship from all. Some of our winners include:

5km Men:

1st Georgios Ttofis 
2nd Roman Karakulov (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Loukas Frantzis (Limassol Lizards)
4th Gellui Hiviu
5th Barasa Daniel
6th Daniel Zambartas (Limassol Lizards)

5km Women:

1st Zozar Timuturtan 
2nd Andriana Koumbari (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Irene Christou (Limassol Lizards)
4th Antonia Kalatha
5th Zara Meaby (Limassol Lizards)
6th Iphigenia Makridou

Boys Lyceum Age 1500m:
1st Charalambos Menikou (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Rafaellos Mettis
3rd Savvas Christodulou

Girls Lyceum age 1500m:
1st Rozerin Murturkar
2nd Chara Louka (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Argeta Katiri (Limassol Lizards)

Boys Gymnasium/Secondary School Age 1500m:
1st Marios Andreou (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Antonis Diamantakis (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Rafael Shammas (Limassol Lizards)

Girls Gymnasium/Secondary School Age 1500m:
1st Veronica Photiou (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Nayia Papageorgiou (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Katerina Kantouna

500m 2008-2009:

1st Alexandros Kashiouris (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Adonis Antoniou
Joint 3rd Savvas Agrotis – Hugo Smith (Limassol Lizards)

1st Marianna Andreou (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Kyriaki Constantinou
3rd Maria Papartemi (Limassol Lizards)

500m 2010-2011:

1st Achilleas Agrotis (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Ioannis Ttooulas (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Achilleos Vasilis

1st Katerina Karayianni (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Chryso Ttooula (Limassol Lizards)
3rd Katerina Mavridi

500m 2012 and under:

1st Harley Smith (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Onoufrios Ioannou
3rd Konstantinos Antoniades

1st Sophia Kashiouri (Limassol Lizards)
2nd Andriana Parmaxi
3rd Marianna Konstantinou

Once again, well done to all and congratulations – enjoy some pictures from the day!






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